Monday, 7 December 2015

Dunkirk's sunset - coucher de soleil a Dunkerque

these last few days the sun rises and sunsets have been absolutely beautiful, I came out of school super early the other day so I managed to get some photos of it :

Friday night just before going to my french lesson it was starting to get dark, and the whole sky just turned completely purple but didn't have my camera so I haven't got any photos of that ! 

and this morning I managed to capture the sunrise for you ! 

ces derniers jours les levers et couchers de soleil ont été absolument magnifique, je suis sortie des cours hyper top l'autre jour donc j'ai pu prendre des photos :

Vendredi soir juste avant d'aller a mon cours de Français il commençait a faire noir, et le ciel est devenu complètement violet mais je n'avais pas mon appareil photo donc je n'ai pas de photos de ça ! 

et ce matin j'ai réussi a avoir une photo du lever de soleil !


  1. lovely pictures Sophie,your weather is much better than we have in England,really cloudy and the days seem to be really short!!!

    1. Thanks ! Yeah it get dark at about half four so it must be half three in England right ? Reaaallyyy short !