Sunday, 11 September 2016

Day 3 in Lanzarote, El Golfo - Jour 3 a Lanzarote, El Golfo

the last thing we did on that day was go to El Golfo : 
la dernière chose que l'on a fait ce jour là est aller a El Golfo :

when we arrived it was 40°, but it was quite windy so it was alright ! 
Quand on est arrivée il faisait 40°, mais avec le vent ça allait ! 

I saw on internet that there was black sand but I wasn't expecting to see one in real ! 
J'avais vu sur internet qu'il y avait des plages de sable noir mais je ne m'attendais pas a ce qu'on en vois une en vrai ! 

Here's what the beach looked like : 
Voilà comment était la plage : 

And then we saw the natural green lake ! 
Et ensuite on a vu le lac naturellement vert ! 

We tried to find another geaocache (we failed) but we saw a couple of houses covered in lava ! 
On a essayé de trouver un autre geocache (on ne l'a pas trouvé) mais on a vu quelques maisons couverte de lave ! 


  1. I don't think I would like black sand but they may not like our golden sand..that green lake looks inviting in this country they are normally very cold even on the hottest day.

    1. I didn't go on the sand so I don't know how it felt !
      Apparently it's really hot over there from mid august untill mid october!