Friday, 26 August 2016

Day 2 in lanzarote - Jour 2 a Lanzarote

On that morning I got some more sunrises pictures : 
ce matin là j'ai pu prendre d'autres photos du lever de soleil :

We then went to the beach - Playa Blanca (I did a seperate blog post for that) :
Puis on est allés a la plage - Playa Blanca (j'ai fait un article séparé pour ça) :

On that night it was the bird of prey show, the first one was a little owl, apparently the same on as in Harry Potter :
Le soir même le spectacle était sur les oiseaux; le premier était une petite chouette, apparemment la même que dans Harry Potter : 

The next one was this enormous owl ! 
Le suivant était cette enorme chouette !

after the show we went to get a drink at the bar before going back to the room, and on the way back we say this enormous insect :
après le spectacle on est allés chercher a boire au bar avant de retourner a la chambre, et sur le chemin du retour on a vu cet énorme insecte : 


  1. I'll never forget when that big enormous owl almost landed on your head !

    1. Just as well I went in the front the 2nd time, it would have happened again otherwise!

  2. lovely pics of the sunrise,you must have been up early to see that,you should have fed that insect to the owls,it would make a nice change from small mammals.

    1. I was alright actually, we were still set in getting up a half six because of pierre at yours so we were awake really early!
      Yeah it would haha