Monday, 22 August 2016

Day 1 in Lanzarote - Jour 1 a Lanzarote

The next day, we woke up to a lovely view on the sunrise ! 
Le lendemain, on s'est levés sur une magnifique vue du lever de soleil ! 

for the first two days it was really windy and cold ! 
pour les deux premiers jours il y avait beaucoup de vent et très froid ! 

They had these beautiful flowers aroud our room : 
Ils avaient ces magnifique fleurs autour de notre chambre : 

from the little shop that was in our hotel, we had this lovely view on this volcano ! 
du patit magasin qu'il y avait dans l'hotel, on avait cette magnifique vue sur ce volcan ! 

The hotel bought a few cats of an animal shelter, and this one seemed to always be near our house ! 
Notre hotel a acheté plusieurs chat d'un refuge pour annimaux, et celui ci semblait toujours être autour de notre chambre ! 

They had a load of machines that cost 1€, so Pierre played the "magic ball" and won this one : 
Ils avaient pleins de machines qui coutaient 1€, donc Pierre a joué aux "balles magiques" et a gagné celle ci : 

They always had really colourful deserts ! 
Ils avaient toujours des desserts hyper colorés ! 

We didn't really get to see the sunsets, so this is the closest I had got (until a few days later !) : 
On n'avait pas vraiment la chance de voir le coucher de soleil, donc ceci est le mieux que j'ai pu faire (jusqu'à quelques jours plus tard !) : 

And then it was time for the mini disco and for the bingo : 
Puis c'était l'heure du mini disco et du bingo : 


  1. can't believe you were cold in that country,we were baking hot here,very colourful food,I've never seen black ice cream though.Fancy playing bingo,did you learn about 2 little ducks and 2 fat ladies?(ask your mum if that doesn't make sense to you,it's a British thing)

    1. The first two day were cold, it was alright afterwards, but we took about 10min to get into the pool because it was so cold!
      They had bingo going on every night!