Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I met .... JOE WELLER - J'ai rencontré .... JOE WELLER

This is from a really long time ago but I thought I would still post it (better late than never), I met Joe Weller (he's an English Youtuber) on August 26th 2015 ! 
Ceci date d'il y a un long moment mais je me suis dis que j'allais quand même le poster (mieux vaut tard que jamais), j'ai rencontré Joe Weller (un youtuber anglais) le 26 Aout 2015 ! 
I was in claire's and mum started yelling "Sophie come quick" so I came and then she said "I don't know who it is but he must be famous because when he went into the shop a load of people tried to get a selfie with him" I had no idea who it was as I hadn't seen him go into the shop, but we went into the shop and I saw him coming down of the stairs and as he was on the phone we just walked behind him waiting for him to stop, and then I said "Joe can we take a picture please" and he said "yeah in a minute"

We had been walking for 5 minutes so I though that he was never going to stop and then about 30sec after that he said to the person on the phone that he had to go and then he turned around and we took these pictures :
On avait marché pendant 5 minutes donc je me suis dis qu'il n'allait jamais s'arreter et 30 secondes après il a dis a la personne avec qui il était au téléphone qu'il devait partir et il s'est retourné et on a pris ces photos :

He was really nice, and then we walked past him again twice :
Il était vraiment sympa, et après il nous est passé devant encore deux fois :