Monday, 2 May 2016

My nails at the moment ! Mes ongles en ce moment !

I have been wearing this on my nails for about two weeks so I thought I would make a blogpost out of it to show you ! I put a red base coat (2 layers), and then I took my other nail polish that does the white dots and put that on (1 layer)
Je porte ceci sur mes ongles depuis environ 2 semaines donc je me suis dis que j'en ferai un article de blog pour vous  montrer ! J'ai mis une base de verni rouge (2 couches), puis j'ai pris le verni qui fait les points blanc et j'ai appliqué cela (1 couche)

These are the two nail polishes I used : the "Play My Way" from Sephora and the "pinking about you" from Essie :
Voici les deux vernis que j'ai utilié : le "Play My Way" de chez Sephora et le "pinking about you" de chez Essie : 


  1. very clever of you ,it reminds me of the colour of my eyes after a night out in my younger days...

    1. My friends told me it reminded them of Christmas, I can now see them with another view!