Thursday, 8 October 2015

Super blood moon ! - Super lune rouge !

last week, my brother woke up at 4am crying because he had a headache so my mum called my and said that if I wanted to see the red moon I had to come now ! and I really wanted to see it as it is extremely rare, the last one was in 1982 and the next one will be in 2033 ! 

this is another photo but I moved whilst taking it so it looks like there is a second bit of moon but there isn't ; there is only one haha ! : 

la semaine dernière, mon frère s'est réveillé a 4h du matin en pleurant car il avait mal a la tête donc ma mère ma appelée en me disant que si je voulait voir la super lune rouge je devais venir maintenant ! et comme je voulais vraiment la voir comme c'est extrêmement rare, la dernière était en 1982 et la prochaine sera en 2033 ! 

voilà une autre photo mais j'ai bougé en la prenant donc on dirait qu'il y a un deuxième morceau de la lune mais non ; il n'y en a qu'une ! : 


  1. well I suppose it was worth being woken up at 4 in the morning,did you manage to get back to sleep again?

    1. Yeah it was, well it was two days agter I'd slept at my best friends house (and the day after you same over) so I was still catching up on sleep !