Tuesday, 5 May 2015

arriving at the outward bound - arrivée au séminaire

so there are the photos of when we arrived, and where I was going to live for a week ! :) 

it was named "gite de France" so we guessed as soon as we arrived that it would be cool ! 

there is what the sign of the gite : 

that was our room ; we were 3 in our bedroom but there was 9 of us (well 8 girls and a woman from the animation team !) in the gite : 

then downstairs we had a dinning table (we didn't use it but the animation team used it for their meetings) : 

and we had sofas just to chill when we had five minutes before going to eat or going out : 

that's the room were we had all our meals : 

the chef owned a dog : 

and a cat as well : 

and when we were at our meetings or when we came down from our room to go and eat there was always a peacock :


voilà les photos de quand nous sommes arrivés, et où j'allais vivre pendant une semaine ! :) 

il avait été nommé "gîte de France" donc dès notre arrivée on a deviné que ce serait cool ! 

voilà le panneau du gîte : 

ça c'était notre chambre ; on était 3 dans notre chambre mais on était 9 dans le gîte (enfin 8 filles et une des animatrices !) : 

après en bas il y avait une table a manger (on ne l'utilisait pas mais l'équipe d'animation l'utilisaient pour leurs réunions) : 

et on avait des canapés pour se relaxer quand on avait 5 minutes avant que l'on aille manger ou avant d'aller en sorties : 

voilà la salle ou nous prenions tous nos repas :

le chef avait un chien :

et un chat aussi :

ey quand on était a nos réunions ou que l'on descendait de notre chambre pour aller manger, il y avait toujours un paon : 


  1. Looks really nice - did the peacock make noise at night? They always sounds scary, like someone's being murdered !! Look forward to seeing what you got up to :)

    1. it was ! - at night time it was tha dogs an the geese, but as soon as we came back from breakfast it was already making noise ! and yeah it did sound like that haha ;) I'm working at it ! ;)

  2. nice place to stay,I thought gites were going to be a bit shabby but obviously they are not,glad you are safely back home now though,love from Hastings

    1. I didn't what to expect so it was a nice surprise, it feels nice to be back (with all my posters ! haha) :) xx