Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Day 4 in Italy (Florence) - Jour 4 en Italie (Florence)

Here's where children used to be abandoned if their parents didn't want to look after them anymore : 
Voici où les enfants étaient abandonnés avant quand leurs parents ne voulaient plus s'occuper d'eux : 

We then went to visit this first museum where we could see how priest used to live :
Puis on a été visiter ce premier musée où on a pu voir où les anciens prêtres vivaient :

and this other museum which was the last thing we visited : 
et cet autre musée qui était la dernière chose qu'on a visité : 

Then (only if we wanted) we could go up the dome in Florence, and there's the lovely view we had from the top of it : 
Puis (seulement si on voulait) on pouvait monter en haut du dôme à Florence, et voilà la magnifique vue qu'on avait en haut : 

We were meant to visit this garden area but it was shut on the day we were meant to visit it, so we had 3 hours of free time instead before going to the restaurant and then drive home :
Puis on était supposés visiter cet endroit qui est un genre de jardin mais c'était dermé le jour où on était supposer le visiter, donc on a eu 3h de temps libre a la place avant d'aller au restaurant et de prendre le chemin du retour pour rentrer : 


  1. I bet you were all really happy when the garden was closed. I bet you were all sniggering next to the rude statues too !

    1. We thought it would be good, we were more guted about the fact that we'd walk for 20mn in the cold for nothing and 20mn back to go where we were!