Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New Years Eve - Veille du Nouvel An

fistly, we went to ESK, to buy some nuts (and fireworks !)  because we were going to Alexandra Park to feed Squirrels
premièrement, on est allés a "ESK", pour acheter des noix et des cacahuètes (et des feux d'artifices !) parce que on allait a "Alexandra Park" pour nourrir les écureuils

and then I discovered toilet awards existed... 
puis j'ai découvert que des awards pour des toilettes existaient... 

we then went to feed the squirrels
on est ensuite allés nourrir les écureuils

I thaught that the trees looked cool in that area !
e trouvais que les arbres paraissaient cool a cet endroit !

as a dessert we had these two cakes, that were delicious !
comm dessert on a eu ces deux gâteux, qui étaient délicieux ! 

and then, we got this rainbow cake out, but we didn't eat it straight away...
et ensuite, on a sortis ce gâteau arc en ciel, mais on ne l'a pas mangé tout de suite... 

we setted up everything we needed for the fireworks, we had to do a sand carpet as it had been pourring hard ! 
on a installé tout ce dont on avait besoin pour les feux d'artifices, on a du faire un tapis de sable parce qu'il avait plut averse ! 

there were really pretty fireworks in the pack we bought ! 
il y avait de très beaux feux d'artifices dans le lot qu'on a acheté ! 

we all had a bit of the rainbow cake at about 11pm ! 
on a tous pris un morceaux de gâteau arc en ciel a environ 23h ! 


  1. that was a good day,I was pleased it stopped raining in time to do the fireworks.Your dad is the champion annual firework lighter now.

    1. Yeah it was a great day ! I'm glad it stopped in time ! Yeah he is haha